Westminster Children's Eye Exam

New Westminster Children’s Eye Exam

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If you are looking for an excellent vision practice where your child can receive a comprehensive eye exam, then visit us at Omni Eye and Vision. Just one of our expert optometrists who can provide your child with a thorough New Westminster children’s eye exam is Dr. Amit Mathur.

When you need to bring your child in for a New Westminster children’s eye exam, you can do no better than to come to see us at our family vision practice. When your child has an eye exam, we will make sure that your child has a fun and relaxing time at our office. Eye exams are completely painless, and extremely important since there are many eye diseases and disorders which show no symptoms in the early stages. When a child has his or her eyes examined at our vision practice, one important goal of the exam is to make sure that the visual systems are developing properly. It is recommended that your child has his or her first eye exam at about nine months of age. At this point, children should have eyes which provide normal vision. Your child’s eye tracking can be examined and evaluated. It is also possible for our optometrist to easily determine whether or not strabismus is present. Our eye doctor will also be able to make sure that the cornea is clear, that the tearing system is normal, and that your child does not have cataracts. Often people are surprised to learn that young children can indeed have cataracts. Our eye doctor will also check your child’s eyes for glaucoma. Our eye doctor can also use a special light to determine whether or not your child is nearsighted, farsighted, or has problems with astigmatism. If a refractive vision problem is found, it may prevent amblyopia which actually is an eye problem that is found in 4% of children. Eyeglasses and eye patching may be able to easily correct amblyopia at a young age.

For an appointment for your child to come into our office for a New Westminster children’s eye exam, contact us today.

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