New Westminster Eye Doctor

New Westminster Eye Doctor

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Taking care of your eyes is an extremely important part of keeping strong and healthy vision throughout your entire life. Annual examinations by our New Westminster eye doctor are the best way to ensure that your vision will stay in tip-top shape. The doctors at Omni Eye and Vision serve the eye care needs of the community with quality, personalized care delivered in a professional and compassionate way.

Our New Westminster eye doctor recommends an annual examination to check your vision and the state of your eyes’ health. The exam will measure how clear your vision is and recommend any corrective lenses. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism our expert staff will be able to get your vision back to its maximum potential. Eyestrain and unclear vision have no among our patients. The examination is also very important because it will help us diagnose and treat any diseases or disorders of the eye. Many serious eye diseases develop with little or no symptoms and are only detected in their early stages through a comprehensive eye exam. If left untreated they will develop over time into a serious condition with then only limited treatment options available. Our practice recommends that the examination be repeated annually because your eyes and vision can constantly change no matter what age you are, and so we can track any developing eye problems and treat them at the proper time.

Our New Westminster eye doctor offers eye care services that are specifically geared to each member of the family. As we go through life our eyes often change and the way our doctors examine a young child’s eyes and vision differ from what our doctor looks for in an adolescent, adult or in a senior. For instance, in a young child our doctor s look at the developing structure of the eye while in a senior’s examination we look for the possible development of age related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. So come in and see how we can help you have great vision for your entire life.

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