New Westminster eyeglasses

New Westminster Eyeglasses

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Getting the right eyeglass prescription in New Westminster

If you follow some simple guidelines, and take advantage of our professional expertise here at Omni Eye and Vision, you are sure to get the right eyeglass prescription, which is so very important. After all, there is no substitute for optimal vision.

You should come in for a yearly eye examination, regardless if you think you’re seeing okay, even if you already have corrective eyewear, and even if your eyes feel fine. Your vision needs change over time, and it’s often too gradual to notice. So even if you’re vision is adequate, there is a great deal of space there for improvement. With our New Westminster eyeglasses, you can have the sharpest vision with the greatest clarity that you’re capable of. Our eye examination consists of various testing to determine which if any lenses will lead to better vision. Reading from an eye test is part of it, as is using various lenses in front of your eyes. You’ll be asked if the first or second one is better, and so on. By doing so, it ensure that the prescription is ideal. Of course, that is just one component of making certain that our New Westminster eyeglasses are the right ones. You will also depend on our optical department to translate the prescription into your eyeglass lenses. With us accuracy is our highest priority. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much your new glasses do for you. Every aspect of your life is affected by how poorly or how well you see. We will also help you to select the great-looking and comfortable designer frames you want to go around your lenses.

Schedule a time to come in for your eye exam and get our New Westminster eyeglasses. Use the appointment button at the top of our website, or you can call us on the phone if that’s more to your liking.

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