Pediatric eye doctor in Burnaby

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Burnaby

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Kids eye exams in Burnaby

Omni Eye and Vision is a Pediatric eye doctor in Burnaby with offices in Squamish and Prince Rupert as well. All of our locations serve families with quality eye care and can help you find the right prescription for you or your child. Our kids eye exams are done in a professional, friendly atmosphere.

Omni Eye and Vision is your premier source for the best in eye care and vision screenings. Our eye test is a comprehensive way for our Pediatric eye doctor in Burnaby to check for any diseases, changes in vision and whether your child’s eyes have stayed the same or if there is a need for corrective lenses. Many patients think an eye exam and vision screening are the same, however, they are two different things. An eye exam tests for diseases and checks the health of the eyes, while a vision screening tests for the level of vision the patient currently has and to what degree they may need corrective lenses. Most kids with the need for corrective devices have developed near or farsightedness in childhood.

Vision screenings are done in order to check to see if your child needs eyeglasses or contact lenses. A refraction is a test to check for the right prescription for eyeglasses, and a contact lens exam helps check the diameter of the eye. Besides our young patients, our pediatric eye doctor in Burnaby also checks for cataracts in adults, a common vision condition that happens to eyes as people age. As proteins in the eye cluster together, the lens becomes more clouded. Symptoms of cataracts include trouble seeing at night, blurry vision, and dim or faded colors. Cataract surgery can replace the clouded lens with a new one. Our eye test is designed to test for these kinds of vision diseases.

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